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Numbers are on the most significant human innovations that are the basic fundamentals to most of the scientific as well as astrological studies.

Numerology is also used in itself as for defining events, occurrences, names and many divine interventions with lot of people having faith in their results accordingly. Numbers are believed to have cosmic power that gives amazing energy to one who uses them strategically.

These amazing patterns and alphabetical combinations between them is used by numerologists to give special information about individual readings. The harmony between number and their alphabetical pronunciation is studied to find the right names of people.

Every Individual is defined with special number that shows his characteristic with both positive and negative traits in their personal life. These numbers are used as testament for naming them too. In this case their date of birth is used as the foundation for the first character to be used for naming.

Suppose a children is born 11/11/1988 then the corresponding number which is to be used for naming will be 1+1++1+1+1+9+8+8 = 30 which will be further reduced to single digits to 3. Now this birth number will be taken as special reference for naming the new born specifically.

Surnames are not considered of any value in these calculations and if they are named with two different syllables then the complete name must be pronounced rather the short one. Numerologists some time recommend special changes in the name too if it's disturbing their life in any way.

Many entrepreneurs also come for their respective Business Name Numerology for selecting the right name for their entries to begin with. See these lucky names for persons have proven more successful for making huge profits later in their life. Compatibility between the partners is also seen to check the feasibility of the whole business empire.

These small and precise details offer the path that will eventually lead you to live better and successful life respectively. Sheelaa Ji is one of the most prominent numerologists who offers naming for young ones and gives deep insights to the problem faced by customers so they can lead more enjoyable life after.

Similarly these concepts are used Astrologers in Chennai matching the compatibility between two persons in Marriage Numerology. Numbers assigned to each individual are then taken to check with their personal combination. Pitfalls, negatives and hurdles are then accordingly provided with recommended solution as well as changes that allow living better life.Professional numerologists have the capability to foresee the different issues that might come in their personal life and advise them solutions based on their matching numerology only.

Sheela Bajaj Photo Sheelaa JI is available for special sessions on Baby names by numerology in Bangalore with pre-booking appointments with respective parents for top names that will enrich their career and personal life altogether.

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