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Toenail Fungus Treatments That Work and Those Which Do Not I’m sure you’ve already spent months trying to figure this out. That is alright. I’ve spent years. And you know what? I’m going to provide the information to you for free. Why? Because Lamisil is deadly and I’m tired of hearing/seeing/reading about all the worthless home remedies out there that do not work. Toenail Fungus Treatments That DON’T work * Vick’s vapor rub – this may be effective if on infant toenails and in only the mildest of cases. I’m not impressed with it though. * Tea Tree Oil – alone it is garbage. If it is mixed with another ingredient, it will be more effective in the beginning stages. Look below. * Topical creams, oils, lotions in pharmacies and drugstores – crap. They may claim to work but they do not. Save your money. Read the fine print. Even if it is called Toenail Fungus Blaster, the back of the package will read, ‘not for toenail fungus.’ Go to there and read yourself – I’m serious! * Copper ionotophoresis – forget it. All you are doing is driving toxic copper into your bloodstream. Plus, it is costly.Toenail Fungus Treatments That Work Now do not get all excited. It takes commitment on your part to get an effective treatment. More often than not, a month of daily effort is needed to rid yourself of the toenail fungus. It is also a matter of severity. If your toenail fungus is so bad that your nails are 1/4″ thick and curling, you will need to have them surgically removed. I will provide the effective toenail fungus treatments in order of most severe to least severe: Surgical removal of nail –> Lamisil –> Acidophilis Beer Soak –> DMSO/Tea Tree –> Vicks Surgical Removal of Toenail Fungus: This is the worst case scenario obviously.

If you toenails are so thickened and curling, it is nearly impossible to effectively treat these nails with anything. You can try the other treatments I suggest but the likelihood of success may not be what you want. Lamisil: This stuff is not just extremely expensive. It is extremely hepatotoxic – liver damaging. I took it as I didn’t know about the other treatments. I didn’t need surgery as the toenail fungus wasn’t so gnarly but Vick’s didn’t work and Tea Tree oil didn’t work.

So while in Russia, I bought up enough Lamisil to fix me up and swallowed it for 2 months daily. Ouch. Luckily I only paid about $125 for the Lamisil. Here in the USA you are talking about $1500 dollars plus for enough Lamisil to effectively treat the fungus. That hurts – especially when insurance doesn’t cover it. What else hurts is one’s liver. The metabolites of Lamisil are truely damaging to the liver so I recommend talking with a trained Naturopathic physician about how to repair your liver during and after the Lamisil treatment.

Luckily, the liver is one tough organ. Did you know that you can lop off 1/3rd of your liver and it will grow back!?! Truely. Acidophilis Beer Soak: Sounds hilarious and like a gimmick but believe me, the little fungal critters under your nail start running when they taste bacteria-riddled Guiness Stout.

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