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SimCity BuildIt Cheats for How To Build Build Skyscrapers Hello, Pabianice Anonse friends! Want to be the best skyscrapers builders in your city? If so, you can take your time to read our SimCity BuildIt cheats from As a leading website of mobile strategy, we are offering the top mobile games strategy guides, tips, videos and the latest version downloads. Today, you are going to get our suggestions for the hottest mobile strategy game, SimCity BuildIt. 1. Create Residential Zones.

You can have a maximum of three (3) plots ready for construction laid out. Upgrade by completing building plans that require certain resources and materials. 2. Know The Upgrade Schedule. There are 5 upgrade levels before a residential zone is at ‘max’ level. At max (Tier 6), a building is in it’s final form and cannot be upgraded further. *Base Residential Zone * Small Family Home * Large Family Home * Small Apartment * Large Apartment * Small Tower * Skyscraper At T6, you will have hi-rise buildings, BUT the look depends on its land value and its wealth forecast.

3. Raise Your Land Value. When you go to upgrade your residential zones, you will notice a blue icon with 3 bars. This is the land value screen. Land value is a measure of how attractive a particular area of land is to Sims. Deeper blue means higher land value, while lighter blue means lower. This also affects which type of building a residential building will upgrade into. Icon – Land ValueLand Value Spectrum Things that raise land value: * Providing utility services (power, water, sewage, waste management) * Providing coverage services (police, fire, and health) * Providing specialization services (parks, education, gambling, etc.) * Government buildings (town hall, city hall, mayors mansion) Things that lower land value: * Lack of utility services * Lack of coverage services * Lack of specialization services * Pollution from factories and oddam za darmo trzebinia utilities * City storage (government building) 4.

Check Your Buildings Wealth Forecast. The previous section, land value, determines the wealth forecast of homes (yellow hard hat icon) and the type of home your residential zones will upgrade to. Higher land values lead to more luxurious homes. There are three types of homes that homes can upgrade to: * Standard Homes No requirements * Premium Homes Has utility & coverage service * Has 1 specialization * Luxurious Homes Has utility & coverage service * Has at least 2 specializations If you have standard and premium homes that you want to upgrade to luxurious ones, you must raise the land value and provide the requirements listed above to areas where these residences are placed in.

Before update your home, read the important SimCity Build tips below; * First, check your upgrade population reward (+1836 population means it is the Tier 5 upgrade and about to upgrade to the max level) * Then check Wealth Forecast screen (make sure you are in luxury & high land value areas) before max upgrading buildings to ensure you achieve the highest tier residence * Once a building is about to upgrade to the maximum level (+1836 Population) it will take the form of its current home type (Standard, Premium, Luxury) * If your building is at the maximum tier BUT not a luxurious home, You must BULLDOZE the building and start from scratch if you want to raise the home type 5.

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