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Just how we take care of our bodies, it is important for us to take care of our vehicles. However new our vehicles are, over a period of time it can fail to look its best. Road salt, grit and grime can have an impact with your car’s bodywork. Also, the interiors too can look pretty worn out after few months. The best way to maintain the interior and exterior look of your car or automobile is by using car care products. Many car care product manufacturers have emerged in the market today. Using these products will help in making your car look and function at its best.

According to usage and environment, all our vehicles are exposed to various weather types and wear and tear. Not just that, even bird droppings, branches or other objects can scratch or cause minor damage to a vehicle’s body.

When we have skin problems, we use several lotions and creams to keep it smooth and glowing always. Similarly, to keep your vehicle looking spotless forever, routine washing, waxing and polishing is essential. It will make your vehicle look attractive and also extend its lifespan.


It is important to wash your vehicle at least twice a week. Bug, bird droppings and other chemical deposits leave permanent stains if they are not washed off in time. Low temperatures can also enhance the corrosion rate. Dirt is one of the biggest agents of corrosion. Moisture and comment-325579 dirt together can damage the surface of your vehicle. Never use any normal soap to wash off your car. It is strictly advised to use car wash. Car care products have special ingredients that safely and effectively remove loose dirt and contaminants without damaging the paint. Also, never use dishwashing liquid to clean your car.


Regularly waxing your car gives it sheen. It will make it look like it has just been bought from the showroom. It also acts as a shield from harsh Car wax forms a thin, transparent layer which protects the paint from fading. It also covers minor scratches. It slows down the rate of corrosion. Car wax stays on the vehicle for three to four months. Thus, to maintain the protective coat, car wax should be applied periodically.


Polishing should only be carried out once the car has been washed and waxed. A car polish gives a neat finish to the care. Just like shoe polish, it works with friction and heat. Polishing nourishes the oil. is one of the reputedB2B portals across the world. It can help trading enterprises and benefit them in several ways. It is a perfect platform for small / medium/ large scale business owners want to start a B2B portal site for their company or for marketing their business in number of ways. It will promote website traffic, improved business collaboration, and brand name value, Boost in Sales, Increase in earnings & net profits etc.

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