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When the new generation learns to take care of health They search for information in order to bring something useful into their bodies and keep themselves away from disease. Some people may focus on eating natural, minimally processed foods to preserve as much of their natural composition as possible, but it may be difficult to make immediate changes in dietary habits. In fact, food is not all good or bad. depending on the choice of food

The combination to get the right proportions according to the needs of that person. so that the body gets the most benefit healthy food It can be said that a healthy food should be based on balance, variety and quantity that is appropriate for one’s life activities. Eating healthy foods like this will make people feel less restricted. or there are too many caveats in life Although patients with various diseases which must control food Whether it’s high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, hospital or kidney disease, etc., there are options and no lack of happiness in eating. And can also control the disease as well. Since we know the normal metabolic rate (TDEE), we can determine the food to be taken into the body. There are 6 types of nutrients that are essential for the body, each with a different function. The 6 types consist of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. It is necessary to know the principles that must be considered in healthy cooking. which consists of

Recognize energy from nutrients For example:

– 1 gram of carbohydrates for 4 calories

– 1 gram of protein for 4 calories

– 1 gram of fat provides 9 calories of energy.

Choose the ingredients that are well cooked. Good ingredients don’t have to be expensive. But we will focus on raw materials that provide essential nutrients to the body. Good value for the money spent such as

Choose good carbohydrates that are high in fiber, such as brown rice, Hom-nin rice, Sangyod rice, whole grains, vegetables and fruits. in the form of sugar, sweets and desserts avoid

Choose protein from meat, fish, or plant protein like beans. to help reduce blood fat and can also prevent heart disease Protein from meat, chicken, fish, eggs and beans are all good sources of protein, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin D, vitamin K, iron, zinc and phosphorus. In addition to that, if eating plant protein. such as nuts It also contains an additional component of vitamin E, folic acid, and dietary fiber.

Saturated fats, trans fats and crisps, full-fat dairy, lean meats It is something that must be greatly avoided. Because if eaten in large quantities will increase blood cholesterol levels and increase inflammation of the blood vessels. for good fats We can get it from marine fish. and nuts Nutritional scholars suggest that for every 2000 calories eaten There should be about 27 grams of good fats (about 2 tablespoons) such as olive oil, tea seed oil, rice bran oil, soybean oil. sunflower seed oil, etc.

Emphasize the consumption of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and/or low-fat dairy products.

Eat a diet that is low in salt or sodium. Sodium is an essential mineral for life. It is necessary to maintain fluid balance in the body. The neurotransmitters are transmitted to different parts and help digestion. Normally, our body should get at least 500 milligrams of sodium and a maximum of 2,300 milligrams. Think about it: 1 tsp of salt, 1 tsp of fish sauce or soy sauce has an average of 400 milligrams of sodium. If you can reduce the amount, you will reduce your risk of raising blood pressure even more.

The last thing for Healthy food is the clean production, cooking and storage. free from contamination which is important If overlooked at this point It can turn healthy food that you think is good and useful. Don’t forget, good food can come with good health. According to the concept of “Healthy and Yummy”

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