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Food is what we eat. go in and benefit the body

Use it to grow and generate energy. and the functioning of the body and

Repair the tissues of the body in the that wears off if the body is fed nutritious

contains nutrients

Complete food, in quantities sufficient to meet the needs of the body, the body uses

those nutrients to promote health effectively

But on the other hand, if the body is not getting enough nutrients to meet the needs.

will result in malnutrition

If the body is getting too much food

The needs of the body result in Overnutrition, such as exposure

Food that provides too much energy will be stored in the body as fat.cause obesity

Therefore, if you want to be healthy or have proper nutrition

We need to be knowledgeable and act properly. As said “You are what you eat”

Balanced diet

One of the keys to good health is eating.

balanced diet which means the balance between the energy from the food we

It is consumed with the energy we use in our daily physical activities.

Choosing to eat according to nutrition flags is of paramount importance. because of the nutrition flag

It tells about the quantity, proportion and variety of food Thai people.

6 years old and over, adults and the elderly should eat in 1 day by bringing food

The main 5 groups are divided into 4 floors, 6 groups as follows:

Energy requirements will vary with age. sex and activity

Physical Activity So how much does your body eat? therefore called fit

What is eating right 2:1:1?…………

Using the concept of determining the amount of food from a plate model

food (food plate model) by dividing the plate into 4 parts

Plate size …Use a small plate or about 9 inches in diameter.

How to cook food… Scoop food on a plate no more than ½ inch tall.

Food type…

1. Emphasize half a plate of vegetables.

2. 1 small plate of lightly sweet fruits such as papaya, dragon fruit, pomelo

Approximately 6-8 pieces.

3. Rice-Flour scooped only 1 in 4 of the plate, emphasizing whole grains such as rice.

camera, etc.

4. Meat, scoop only 1/4 of the plate, emphasizing lean meats, fish

tofu and beans

5. May add 1-2 glasses of milk/day but should be low-fat milk.

Cooking should be done by baking, steaming, blanching, boiling, stewing, grilling/toasting, yum and trying to reduce.

or avoid cooking foods that use oil or coconut milk but if it must be used, it should

Use vegetable oil for cooking and should not exceed 2 teaspoons/meal/person.

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