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I believe that many people have heard the term If you want to have a healthy body Far away from disease, choose to eat foods that are low in fat, avoid oily foods, avoid foods that are high in cholesterol. especially Girls who are interested in proportions and shape tend to avoid fatty foods. But not all fats are bad. Some fats also contribute to recovery and promote good health, so understand the new fat. In order to choose the right food and get nutrients that are good for the body. Fat is a nutrient that is essential to human life, which is one of the five food groups and every cell in the body contains fat. Vitamins A, D, E, and K are essential for the absorption of fat. It keeps the skin hydrated and also keeps the body warm. The body cannot make certain fats. It needs to be obtained from food only. Getting some fat in your diet will make you feel full for longer. and add deliciousness to the food as well In some people who eat a diet that is very high in fat and too often. causing a lot of fat accumulation in the body May result in diseases in the future if not controlled. Today, SN Food, our healthy food, will talk about How good is it to eat low-fat foods as a guideline for people who love health? Turned to eating fat foods correctly. and will know What kind of fat is good for your body? and are necessary for our bodies and will know What kind of fat is good for your body? and are necessary for our bodies and will know What kind of fat is good for your body? and are necessary for our bodies

But first we will come to know the advantages of low-fat diet. We must know that What kind of fat is good for your body? And what kind of fat is bad for the body? For fat, whether solid or liquid. when we have eaten Fats are broken down into fatty acids in the body and this type of fatty acid affects cardiovascular health. by affecting cholesterol in the blood which time to go for a blood test The doctor will look at the level of 4 main lipids: total cholesterol, LDL or bad cholesterol, HDL or good cholesterol. Triglycerides or bad fats, so fatty acids to increase cholesterol.

Increase LDL, increase triglycerides Therefore, it is the fat that should be consumed as little as possible. but replaced with fats that will help reduce cholesterol, reduce LDL and reduce triglycerides, while HDL is a good cholesterol that should have a lot of it. HDL is the one that removes bad cholesterol from the liver. The fat in the blood vessels to decrease and reduce the risk of atherosclerosis. For a diet that is low in fat. but the important thing is Choose to eat in moderation. Choose foods that are high in healthy fats, such as fatty fish, whole grains, chia seeds, nuts, tofu, soybeans, avocados, and high-fiber fruits and vegetables. Choose foods that are cooked the right way. For those who like to eat fried or fried food. but do not want the fat value to be too high It is recommended to opt for sesame seed oil and olive oil. Because both types of oils provide lower fat content than other types of oils. For the advantages of eating foods that are low in fat. First of all low-fat diet Low-fat meats, such as skinless chicken, fish, rich in protein will fill your stomach It is high in calories and rich in many important nutrients. Both proteins and carbohydrates It has the ability to repair cells and the nervous system. This will help us not to lose weight. by fasting Which is considered a helper for girls who want to be proportional. beautiful shape Regain your confidence again It’s also good for cholesterol levels as well.

Therefore, we should choose nutritious food because SN Food is healthy food. We want everyone to be in good health. which has always emphasized that everyone chooses to eat nutritious food in the right amount for the needs of the body And most importantly, should keep exercising to keep the body healthy. far from sickness Especially now that the epidemic situation of COVID-19 still worried The best way is to take care of your health, wash your hands often and wear a mask. Choose food that will make us healthy. Only this will help us. Far away from disease and also helps to have good health.

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