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Clean Food is natural food of that type of food by through the process of refinement and small processing

Little is a food that consists of with things that are beneficial to the body, not supplemented or modified by various processes

It must also be fresh and clean. No preservatives added not too salty or sweet

What kind of food is not clean food?

Processed food such as canned food, semi-food Instant food, frozen food, fast food (Fast Food), junk food (Junk Food), crunchy snacks and soft drinks, etc.

Clean eating principles

1. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Vegetables and fruits must be eaten in a variety of ways.

Color or all 5 colors, namely green, yellow, color Orange, red, magenta and white, which are

An important source of vitamins such as beta-carotene Vitamin C and minerals and other substances that

necessary for the body, such as dietary fiber, which helps Excretion and water cholesterol, toxins that cause some types of cancer out of the body

2. Reduce saturated fat from meals.

Fats are not all bad. There’s no need to skip fat, just Choose and avoid saturated fats. and add good fats into it. Good fats are:

Olive oil, canola oil and nuts due to fat These are good for the heart and increase HDL level However, high fat consumption

Too much can make you fat.

3. Choose brown rice Wholegrains and grains……

Brown rice is unprocessed rice. Therefore, the germ of the germ is removed.

Make these rice and grains good for you. The benefits of many nutrients and อาหารสุขภาพ (no title) in addition, eating brown rice and

Grains make the body process pull to work that is slow can help control blood sugar levels

It’s good, and it’s also high in fiber, which helps you feel fuller for longer.

4. Don’t forget protein.

The main function of proteins is to synthesize new cells. maintain muscle cells is consumed, which is considered an important nutrient for building muscle

Therefore, it is necessary to eat protein foods, but to choose proteins that are high in protein.

Good fats such as fish or low-fat proteins such as chicken breasts, lean pork, etc.

5. The amount of salt (sodium) must pay attention to.

The amount of salt that can be eaten per day is not more than 2400 milligrams, or about 1 teaspoon per day only, processed foods

Most have a higher salt content than homemade food. if cooking by yourself should use salt and little sauce It is cooked with herbs and has a mild flavor. before it is considered clean food.

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