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You might hear a match described as “one-fall” or “three-fall.” A one-fall means that whoever has their shoulders pinned to the mat for a count of three loses the match. A tag team match pits a pair of wrestlers against another pair (or even three-on-three). Sometimes, wrestlers are disqualified (DQed). Sometimes, the bitterest enemies in the ring are really best friends, and the outlandish stories surrounding the characters are usually not true. A three-fall is the best two out of three. Model 1 tests using two independent variables, (1) the number of months during which each user posted at least one message to IndieWeb’s chat, and (2) the total number of chat messages sent by each user. One interview participant described frustration at this requirement. It mapped out general topics of discussion and identified how the frequency and longevity of chat participation as well as the topics one posted about were predictive of contributions to IndieWeb-related GitHub repositories. To “break kayfabe” was to step out of character in the ring, or dispel the illusion. This dampened fan enthusiasm and hurt business, so promoters were not too kind to wrestlers who broke kayfabe, often writing them out of important storylines or not using them at all.

Who wins and who loses is all in the script. Face – A good guy, a character who is designed for the fans to love and emulate. Short for babyface. Hulk Hogan was a face for most of his career. This event pushed WWE owner Vince McMahon, Jr. to institute random substance abuse testing for all WWE performers. But this is now how it’s being used, so let’s try and specify this as, okay this is the actual current usage of an event. So now you know what “kayfabe” means. Other times, it happens because of poor wrestling skills or because a wrestler decides to break kayfabe. How is professional wrestling different? Unlike amateurs, professional wrestlers are paid. For example, a feud between two wrestlers is an angle. He had just two catches for 24 yards over the course of three weeks. This is an old rule in which any hold or pin must be broken immediately if the opponent manages to get some part of his or her body onto the rope.

There’s certainly nothing fake about flying 20 feet through the air from the top rope. Does that mean that wrestling is fake? They rely on the fans’ willing acceptance and desire to be entertained by the stories, but wrestling performers still need to stay in character during a match. Smark – A fan that knows what goes on behind the scenes, but still enjoys watching the events. They practice for years to learn both the moves and how to execute them safely while still making it look dangerous. C. Bowker and Star 2000), meeting local requirements while also maintaining a common identity. The most common stimulants detected in anti-doping tests include amphetamines, cocaine, ecstasy and methylphenidate (Ritalin). When Pat Mendes tested positive for hGH, for example, he was in violation of the International Weightlifting Federation Anti-Doping Policies and the USADA Protocol for Olympic and Paralympic Movement Testing — and was subsequently banned from participating in the 2012 London games. In the process of employing values as hypotheses, we not only work toward an amenable outcome, but also enrich our understandings of the values we are testing. Instead, writers work on plots and storylines well in advance, and every match is another chapter in the story.

Stunt people and Phalogenics Review special effects crews worked to make those scenes seem real, and their work can be very impressive. A shoot can be a match where the wrestlers get angry and actually fight each other instead of using the choreographed moves. It can also happen when someone accidentally uses another performer’s real name, or when behind-the-scenes events spill into the ring. This is a grey area — there are plenty of rules for disqualifications, such as standing outside the ring for too long, using a foreign object, or receiving help from another wrestler. It was once an important wrestling code, and some wrestlers even stayed in character outside the ring to reinforce the illusion. Sell – Making the wrestling moves look realistic and painful. Ideally both. Because it makes a massive difference in terms of organizing, in terms of prioritizing, in terms of outreach, and just in terms of when people look at a conference like, “Who’s running the conference? Look for products that state they are natural ingredient formulated. Specifically, Ratto notes that epistemic difficulties from crossing interdisciplinary boundaries are often products of our own patterns of thinking that have been instilled through disciplinary training.

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