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Brick House Security’s Spark Nano 4.0 GPS Tracker Review Brick House Security’s Spark Nano 4.0 GPS Tracker is for those individuals who care about the security and well-being of those they love. Whether you’re a small business owner, a married couple with or without children, this GPS tracker will keep you posted all the time, without appearing too nosy. Loaded with a vast array of features, this device gives you the power to monitor your target right from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

It relays information in real time, which is very necessary in case you spot or detect something that raises your curiosity about your target. What’s more, there are no expensive apps to download, plus the rechargeable battery will work for up to 2 weeks under normal use. The Spark Nano also comes with a feature that’s very rare to find in most GPS devices today. It’s called motion-activated tracking, which lets you save battery life when your target isn’t moving. It’s smaller than your cell phone in size, plus it has weather-proof capabilities that make it more versatile than most GPS trackers in its class.

What’s new in the Brick House Security Spark Nano 4.0 GPS Tracker? The New Nano 4.0 GPS tracker features a more covert and sleek design to boast of. However, that’s not all it comes with. This new model has a 1 minute update frequency, set by default, and this makes it more accurate than the previous generations. The battery capacity is also very large, allowing users to conduct up to 24 hour continuous tracking without draining it. Furthermore, the update speed is faster than the previous models.

If you like, you can just track your target for one hour each day, and the battery will last for 2 weeks instead of the 24 hours. Exclusive Features -The Nano 4.0 works on the BrickHouse GPS platform and darmowe ogłoszenia lubelskie ogłoszenia rolnicze ( nothing else -There’s an option to extend the battery life if users desire to do so -It comes with a preset for 1-minute reporting -It offers detailed travel report for the accuracy needed -It is predominantly for US tracking, but international users have their option too It’s the most customizable and powerful GPS tracking device ever seen in the security industry.

Notably, the online tracking platform is easy to use and gives a comprehensive report on all Nano 4.0 activities. And just in case you’re tracking your car, get email or text message alerts via your computer or smartphone the moment it exceeds the set speed limit. If you like, you can use the ”geofence” feature and it will tell you whenever the person driving your car has moved beyond the safe boundary that you had set by default.

The Pros -This technology by BrickHouse is ideal for tracking vehicles, teens, children, one’s asset, and even elderly people. That’s what it does best. -The Nano is extremely accurate and that has never been seen in any device in its category. The motion-activated tracking feature also lets users save battery life. -It comes complete with a wall charger, sim card(already installed into the device), and Trzcianka Anonse instruction manual so you can start using it right out of the box.

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