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Before getting married…what health checks do I need? It checks the readiness and integrity of the body or has a genetic predisposition. will be able to plan treatment and find a way to prevent problems that may occur to the child in the right way Having a complete family with father, mother and children… is the dream of almost every couple. Some couples therefore plan to have children immediately after marriage. But to have a child, everyone wants them to be healthy. Therefore, the preparation of the couple’s health is an important matter that cannot be overlooked.

Why do you need a health check before marriage?

“Pre-marriage health check-up” is another important step for couples. Because it checks the readiness and completeness of the body to have sex. preparing for having a baby because if the health is not strong or have a genetic predisposition will have a treatment plan or find a way to prevent problems that may arise with the child in the right way It’s not just a general health check. but can be examined deeply at the genetic level

health check before marriage In addition to preparing It also helps prevent the dangers of diseases that affect pregnancy, such as heart disease, blood pressure, rubella. It can also detect genetic abnormalities at the DNA or gene level. It makes it possible to know whether a woman or a married man has a gene that is a carrier of hereditary disease or not. If found, they will have counseling before deciding to marry or before having children. or if it is found to be a disease that can be prevented by vaccine, it will be vaccinated first, such as hepatitis. rubella or the chance that the child will be born with an abnormal condition is very high Your doctor may recommend marriage without children. or if you are pregnant, you will be able to check the fertility of your child from the moment you are in the womb

What diseases can be transmitted to your child or partner?

-AIDS -STIs such as syphilis


B (may be transmitted to spouses) -Anemia or


-Rubella can be infected during pregnancy. And there is a very high chance of giving birth with an abnormality.

Complete inspection before decorating What do I need to check?

for the pre-marital health checkup It’s not much different from a regular health check. When coming for doctorathome an examination, the doctor will take a detailed history. And go through other screening processes, such as

to prevent risks and prepare to have a complete family. It must pay attention to the pre-marital health check-up. because if an abnormality is found or found a risk to have a healthy lifestyle plan

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